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Interest Rates - Loans

Loan & Advances Schemes  Interest Rate(p.a)
w.e.f  18th October 2019, (1st  Kartik2076)
Corporate Customers Prime Customers  Other Customers 
Working Capital / Cash Credit BR+ up to 5.00% BR+1.50% to BR+5.50% BR+3.00% to BR+6.00%
Trust receipt BR+ up to 3.00% BR+1.25% to BR+4.00% BR+3.00% to BR+6.00%
Short Term Demand Loan BR+up to 5.00% BR+1.50% to BR+5.00% BR+3.00% to BR+6.00%
Term Loan / Project Finance BR+up to 4.50% BR+1.50% to BR+5.00% BR+3.75% to BR+6.00%
Working Capital / Cash Credit -Multinational BR+up to 4.00%
Pre shipment / Post shipment Loan BR+up to 3.50% BR+1.25% to BR+4.50% BR+3.25% to BR+5.50%
For FCY Loan: One Year LIBOR Rate +
Consortium Lending As per Consortium decision subject to applicable Base Rate of NSBL
Loan Against FDR FD Rate +1.00% FD Rate +1.50% FD Rate +2.00%
Or applicable Base Rate whichever is higher
Deprived Sector Lending(MFI,NBFC) BR+0.50% to BR+4.50%
Deprived Sector Lending(Individuals/ Retail) BR+1.75% to BR+5.50%
Personal Loan/Overdraft/Mortgage Loan BR+1.50% to BR+5.50%
SME Loan BR+1.50% to BR+5.50%
Education Loan BR+ up to 5.00%
Home Loan BR+ up to 5.50%
Auto Loan / Hire Purchase Loan BR+up to 5.50%
Bhu. Puu Loan BR+ up to 5.75%
Loan against share / margin lending BR+1.75% to BR+4.00% BR+2.75% to BR+5.00% BR+3.75% to BR+6.00%
Loan against Bonds (Govt. & Other) Coupon Rate +1.50% Coupon Rate +2.00% Coupon Rate +2.50%
Or applicable Base Rate whichever is higher
Land Loan / Real Estate Loan BR+2.75% to BR+5.50% BR+3.75% to BR+6.50% BR+4.75% to BR+6.75%
Gold Loan BR+3.75% to BR+5.50%
FCY Loans (For Payment of Sight LC) Six Month LIBOR Rate + 1.25%
Base Rate (BR) (Ashwin 2076): 9.94%
Interest Spread Rate ( Ashwin 2076): 5.18%


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