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Housing Loan


The purpose of Housing Loan Scheme is
i.   To help purchase or construct a new house/flat, or extend an existing house 
ii.  To help purchase an existing house/flat 
iii. To help repair or renovate an exiting house/flat .
iv. For taking over the existing housing loans from Banks/Financial Institutions.

Margin: Minimum 25% of the project cost.
Moratorium: Maximum 1 year period from date of the first disbursement or one month after the completion of the house whichever is earlier 

Repayment Period: the Housing Loan shall be repaid in equated monthly installments within 15 years excluding the moratorium period. 

Prepayment charges: 1% of the amount being prepaid if the borrower repays from his own source. Prepayment charge at the rate of 2% shall be levied if the loan is being swapped.

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