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Frequently Asked Questions for IVSC

Question:  What information will I need to complete the application?
Answer: Information needed on the India Visa Application is as under:

  1. Personal information: Name, Last name at birth (If different), Marital Status, Gender, Date of birth, Place of birth
  2. Spouse information (if married): Maiden name, Name, Nationality
  3. Nationality: Current nationality, Acquired by birth or by naturalization
    Nationality at birth, Any other nationality held at present/past
  4. Educational Qualification, Religion (you may choose not to disclose)
  5. Present address: Street number, City, State, Zip
  6. Permanent address: Street number, City, State, Zip, Country
  7. Contact numbers: Home phone, Cell phone
  8. Profession and details if you are traveling on behalf of a company.
  9. Employer information: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country
  10. Passport information: Passport number, Date of issue, Date of expiration
  11. 11. Details of any other Passports/Identity Certificate held
  12. Parents information: Father/Mother's name, nationality Parents or Grandparents (paternal and maternal) held Pakistan Nationality? (If yes): provide detail
  13. Visa information: Visa Type, Number of entries, Places to visit, Object of Journey
  14. Visited India before (if yes): Addresses visited, Cities visited, Consulate that issued visa
    Starting/Ending Dates
  15. Have you ever been refused an Indian visa before? (if yes): Provide details
  16. Are you holding a valid "No objection" to return to India endorsement? (If yes): Provide details
  17. Have you worked with Armed Forces: provide organization, place of posting, designation/rank.
  18. Expected Date of departure from Nepal to India, Port of arrival in India
  19. Reference information in India: Name and address of reference in India
  20. Reference information in Nepal: Name, address and phone number of reference in nepal
  21. Countries visited in the last 10 years

Question: What do I choose for Indian Mission?
Answer: Your Indian Mission is the location of the processing site where you will submit your application. 

Question: What do I enter if I don’t have a 'Citizenship or National ID number'?
Answer: Please enter 'NA'. Do not enter your social security number, insurance number or driver's license number. 

Question: There is no place for me to enter my middle name. Where do I type it in?
Answer: Enter your middle after your first name in the Given Name field. 

Question: I am an unemployed adult. What can I enter under 'Profession'?
Answer: Choose 'Other' and in the 'Employer Name and Address' field, please enter 'None'. 

Question: I am completing a form for my baby who does not have a profession. What can I enter?
Answer: Choose 'Other' and in the 'Employer Name' field, please enter 'NA minor child'. If you child is going to school, please choose 'Student' under profession. 

Question: The options under 'Profession' does not include my job. What can I do?
Answer: You have the option to choose 'Other' and in the 'Designation/Rank' field, specify your job title. 

Question: How do I answer 'Any other valid Passport/Identity Certificate(IC) held?'.
Answer: If you possess any other passport, travel document or Identity Certificate that is valid and issued to you by the country of your current nationality or any other country, answer yes and provide the required details. If not, answer no. 

Question: I am not comfortable disclosing my religion. What can I do?
Answer: You have the option to choose 'Others' and in the field below that, enter NA. 

Question: If I completed the online application, but I did not print copy of my application, what should I do?
Answer: We suggest you check your email with our Online Visa Registration Details from the Indian government website webmaster. This email will contain your Web File Number. Choose continue with registration and on the next page, choose the grey 'RePrint' button on upper right hand corner of the screen. If you continue to encounter issues, you are allowed to complete a new online application. 

Question:  What can I do if I am having trouble completing the online visa application?
Answer:  Please verify that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your computer. Also check that the date/time on your computer is set correctly. If the date/time is set in the future, this can result in not being able to advance past the first page in some browsers. 

Question:  Can I save my application, and come back to it later?
Answer: When you begin an application online, you will be provided with a Temporary Application ID which is usually 15 alphanumeric digits. Using this Application ID and temporary password, you will have up to seven days to complete your application. You can resume a partially completed application by going to the online visa application
, choose "Continue Registration". On the following page in the upper right hand corner, enter your Temporary Application ID number and choose "Go". Please remember that if you do not complete your application within seven days, your application will be deactivated and you will have to start a new application. 

Question:  Is there a different version of the application that can be faxed or emailed to me?
Answer: You must use the online application form. The form is bar coded and will store your information securely for faster processing. No handwritten application forms will be accepted. 

Question:  I made a mistake on my visa application, how should I correct it?
Answer: Mistakes made on your online visa application cannot be corrected. Please ensure that all information is complete and that passport information is entered exactly as it shown on your passport. 
If you continue to encounter issues, you are allowed to complete a new online application.

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