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Debit Card PIN Generation using Internet Banking

Process of debit card PIN generation using Internet Banking (FEBA)
  1. Login to Nepal SBI E-banking(FEBA),
  2. Select Service Requests under General Services menu in the main screen post successful login,
  1. Select ATM PIN Generation from ATM Card Services

  1. An OTP is delivered to customer’s registered mobile number with the bank. Kindly enter the 6 digit OTP as received in the mobile number. Smart OTP users have to generate the OTP using the Smart OTP application and enter the same.
  1. Select account number, card number and then enter the first two digits of your desired PIN number (random 2-digit number to be entered by the user).

  1. A summary detailing PIN generation request will be presented to the customer next. Last 2 digits of the PIN will be delivered in customer’s registered mobile number. After receiving the same, enter all four digits of the pin number (first 2 digit of the PIN entered by the user as in step 5 above followed by 2 digit received as SMS OTP) and authorize the transaction with transaction password.

  1. Successful validation of the PIN and authorization will show a success message as under.

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