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Code of Ethics

some guiding principles

  • Directors, India Based Officers and Employees shall conduct business transactions fairly and equitably without being unduly influenced by individual friendships and associations with the customers.
  • All the members of the Board, Management Committee and employees at all levels shall maintain confidentiality of customer information and transactions and even after vacating the office, continue to maintain confidentiality or secrecy in regard to the copyright material or other correspondences, accounts and dealings of the Bank and its customers. However, providing any information related to financial transactions to the third party as required by law shall not be construed as a breach of confidentiality.
  • Chairman and/or any member of the board shall not interfere in the day-to-day functioning of the management, except if he/she holds the position of Managing Director or Executive Director.
  • No member of the Board, Management Committee and employees shall engage directly or indirectly in any activities which are against the interest of the Bank.
  • Members of the Board, Management Committee and employees shall not accept any offer, payment promise to pay or authorization to pay any money, gift, or any other valuables from customers, suppliers, shareholders/stakeholders, etc. that is perceived as intended, directly or indirectly, to influence any business decision, any act or failure to act, any commission of fraud, or opportunity for the commission of any fraud.
  • Employees shall not take part in politics and shall with intention to satisfy his/her political interests on the matters relating to his services exert or attempt to exert any political or other undue influence upon any other employee.
  • No one shall willfully destroy or damage any asset of the bank or carry it outside the bank’s premises and use or allow unauthorized persons to use such asset without obtaining prior permission from the authorized person of the bank.

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