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Capital Plan - 2072

Capital/Business Plan of Nepal SBI Bank Ltd- 2072
The Board approved Capital Plan of Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. proposes to gradually augment the Bank's Paid-up Capital to Rs. 800 crore by the end of FY 2016/17 with additional infusion of Rs.496.61 crore over and above existing Paid-up Capital of Rs.305.81 crore by way of following modes:
"NRS in Crore"
S.N. Mode Amount
1. FPO (to achieve shareholding pattern as per Bank's MOA, i.e., SBI:55%, EPF: 15% & General Public: 30% 0.68
2. Bonus Issue 298.29
  FY 2014/15 (Already proposed by the Board)  82.57
  FY 2015/16 (Estimated) 105.04
  FY 2016/17 (Estimated) 110.68
3. Rights Issue (face value) 197.64#
Total Infusion 496.61
Existing Paid-up Capital 305.81
Total Paid-up Capital by the End of FY 2016/17 802.42
#Although it appears that the gap to be met through issuance of rights is Rs. 197.64, the Bank's Board at its 386th Meeting held on 17th December 2015 has decided to seek authority from the forthcoming AGM to issue right shares upto Rs. 260 crore to have adequate cushion. The Board has also decided to put up requisite resolution to the 22nd AGM to authorize the Board to decide the quantum, price, premium and number of tranches for the rights issue, keeping in view the strategic consideration and merits at the time of issuance of rights. 

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