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Candidates Under Waiting list for JA

The list of the candidates has been arranged in alphabetic order
and the candidates will be called upon requirement of the Bank
on merit basis.
S.N. Name of the Candidates Roll No.
1 Arju Ranjit NSBI/RPPL/283
2 Ashmita Khadka NSBI/RPPL/331
3 Badri Prasad  Khatiwada NSBI/RPPL/378
4 Baikuntha Sharma NSBI/RPPL/381
5 Bhim Shrestha NSBI/RPPL/436
6 Bhuwan Khadka NSBI/RPPL/454
7 Bhuwan Pandey NSBI/RPPL/456
8 Bishnu Pun Magar NSBI/RPPL/647
9 Dinesh K.C NSBI/RPPL/798
10 Divya Dhungel NSBI/RPPL/833
11 Durga Adhikari NSBI/RPPL/844
12 Gyanendra Pandey NSBI/RPPL/939
13 Hari Poudel NSBI/RPPL/949
14 Himal Shrestha NSBI/RPPL/975
15 Ishwari Prasad Bhusal NSBI/RPPL/1005
16 Jivan Bhandari NSBI/RPPL/1064
17 Kishan Datt Pant NSBI/RPPL/1190
18 Laxmi K.C. NSBI/RPPL/1271
19 Mahima Panthi NSBI/RPPL/1329
20 Pratisha Poudel NSBI/RPPL/1912
21 Pravin Gupta NSBI/RPPL/1925
22 Puja Poudyal NSBI/RPPL/1974
23 Rabina Thapa Magar NSBI/RPPL/2033
24 Rabita Khadka NSBI/RPPL/2040
25 Rajendra Regmi NSBI/RPPL/2094
26 Ramita Kumari Sah NSBI/RPPL/2180
27 Rejina Subedi NSBI/RPPL/2256
28 Rojila Thapa NSBI/RPPL/2335
29 Roop Shobha Maharjan  NSBI/RPPL/2354
30 Rosemary Joshi NSBI/RPPL/2355
31 Roshan Ale NSBI/RPPL/2356
32 Sabina Chaudhary NSBI/RPPL/2439
33 Saman Karki NSBI/RPPL/2550
34 Samjhana Tiwari NSBI/RPPL/2579
35 Sandeep Prasai NSBI/RPPL/2591
36 Sangita Maharjan NSBI/RPPL/2635
37 Sarita Sharma NSBI/RPPL/2740
38 Savi Pathak NSBI/RPPL/2780
39 Shashi Kiran Poudyal NSBI/RPPL/2827
40 Shiva Ram Thapa NSBI/RPPL/2858
41 Smarika Maskey NSBI/RPPL/2974
42 Sonia Shrestha NSBI/RPPL/3000
43 Sulochana Kafle NSBI/RPPL/3131
44 Sunita Singh NSBI/RPPL/3230
45 Swostika Neupane NSBI/RPPL/3356

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